Evans Head-Woodburn Pre-School Policies & Guidelines

Our Pre-School Policies

Policies currently UNDER REVIEW:

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation (Draft 09/07/18)

Enrolment and Orientation (Draft 09/07/18)

Payment of Fees (Draft 26/07/18)


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Animals in the Environment

Arrivals and Departure

Providing a Child Safe Environment

Caring for Belongings

Cleaning and Maintaining the Environment

Complaints and Feedback


Correspondence Procedure

Cultural Competency

Determining Responsible Person

Digital Technology

Employee Orientation

Emergency & Evacuation (Evans Head centre)

Emergency & Evacuation (Woodburn centre)

Emergency & Evacuation Appendices

Environmental Sustainability

Equal Employment Opportunity


Family Participation and Communication

First Aid

First Aid Plan – Evans Head

First Aid Plan – Woodburn

Food Handling and Hygiene

Governance and Management

Guiding Children’s Behaviour

Incident, injury, trauma and illness


Infectious Diseases

Interactions with Children

Recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious diseases

Medication Administration

Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions: Anaphylaxis Management

Medical Conditions: Asthma Management

Medical Conditions: Diabetes Management

Nutrition Food & Beverages

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

Priority of Access


Professional Development

Providing a Child Safe Environment

Risk Management Financial Procedures

Routine: Pack Away

Sleep and Rest

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Appraisal

Sun Protection



Use and Safe Storage of Dangerous Goods

Volunteers and Students

Water Safety

Work Health and Safety

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