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A warm welcome to our new families and welcome back to our returning families.
We trust everyone will help our new families to settle into our little community.
Remember …
* No question is silly, please just ask.
* Little people can misunderstand the intentions or language of others. If their interpretation doesn’t sound right to you, check it with a staff member.
* If you have concerns, talk to us. Don’t let an issue grow from a mole hill into a mountain.

Keep Informed…

Please read every newsletter so you know what is happening at preschool. Three quarters of the questions we get have already been explained in the newsletter.
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There is lots on so make sure you check the newsletter & the calendar below

For full NSW School terms click here.

We have extended our service hours in 2017. For more information on our hours and fees click here.

To find answers to your questions on this and other topics head over to our FAQ page here.

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Sea Breeze Newsletter 2020 Issue 3

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