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Questions? At Evans Head-Woodburn Pre-School we want all your questions and/or concerns answered. If you don’t find the answer below, please submit your question and we will get back to you asap.


A little helpful Q & A…

Q: My child is still in pull-ups. Can they attend Pre School?

A: Yes. We do not have change tables but we can cope with pull-ups. All children develop at different rates and have individual needs. If you have concerns around your child’s development, chat to staff.


Q: My child still needs a day sleep. Can they come to pre school?

A: Yes. If a child still needs to sleep we find them a quiet place to rest, away from the group. However, we do not force children to sleep. Educators provide calm / quiet activities for those who choose not to rest.


Q: My child has additional needs how can you support him/her?

A: Make an appointment to speak to us before your child starts pre school. Please bring any reports and assessments you have with you. We can apply for funding to employ additional staff to ensure that your child is able to participate in the pre school program to their full potential. Applications for this funding are in October and April so it is essential that we are organized in advance of your child commencing pre school if at all possible.


Q: Can my child catch the bus to pre-school?

A: If they are attending Evans Head they can catch a school bus. You will need to fill out a Bus Consent Form and speak to the bus driver. Unfortunately, at Woodburn we are unable to offer this service as the bus stop is too far from our grounds.


Q: I have applied for enrolment for when my child turns 3 during the year. Does that secure a place for my child?

A: Your application places your child on our waiting list for a vacancy. According to our funding agreement with the NSW government, priority must be given to children in the year before school or to 3 year olds who have a health care card, are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or for whom English is not their first language.

If a place becomes available mid year, you will be contacted. Otherwise, you will be offered a place at the commencement of the next school year.


Q: I know my CCB Rebate percentage. What will my fees be?

A: CCB rebate levels relate to federally funded (Approved Care) Long Day Care or Family Day Care but not state funded Pre- Schools.

Pre School fees are set as a daily rate based upon your child’s circumstances, ask for details.



Q: I need more than 3 days care. How can I access this for my child?

A: Each pre-school can only access up to 3 days of funding per child. However, because we have two sister services within 10 km drive, we can offer your child a place in each service in order to assist you. This way your child could access 4 or 5 days of early education per week.


Q: Is the Woodburn Service part of Woodburn Public School?

A: No. Evans Head Pre School Association Inc is a community based organization overseeing 2 sister services. We lease the building from DEC. However, it is a great site with lots of opportunities for transition to school interactions to take place.

[menu_anchor name=”Extended Hours”]Extended Hours

Recently Evans Head-Woodburn Preschool extended their centres’ service hours. The FAQ below are designed to help clarify this and answer any concerns you may have regarding the new hours of operation.

How does it work?

Both centres are open 8am-4pm but you do not need to send your child for 8 hours. Your child will be enrolled for either 6 hours or 7.5 hours. You can arrange to extend these times.

The cost is $5.00. Admin will check those signed in/out beyond their enrolled hours.

All children are to be collected BY 4PM when staff finish for the day. If a child is not collected by 4pm the parents will be charged the overtime we need to pay the two staff members who must stay after hours to wait with that child. We recommend that you arrive by 3:55pm to ensure you (and educators) can leave on time. Please see the policy for details.

Extended Hours FAQ

Q: Can I pay a percentage of the whole amount to leave my child for a shorter period?

A: Sorry, but no. Each session is charged at a flat rate. With up to 90 families across 2 services possibly using one or both sessions on a regular or casual basis it is not practical to break down the time and charge per minute.

Q: Will my child need extra food?

A: If your child is staying until 4pm we would recommend that you pack another snack. We eat at about noon so that is a long time between meals for a young child.

Q: Should I phone if I’m running late?

A: You have the piece of mind of knowing that you can simply pay a few dollars if you are running late and are going to miss regular pick up time but please phone to let us know so we can reassure your child. They will be looking for you at pick up time if that is your normal routine.

Q: Can I email changes in pick up details?

A: No. Please tell us in person, via the the phone or send a note. We do not have someone in the office everyday so your email may not be discovered until it is too late.

Q: Can I pay on the day?

A: Please save your small change and wait until you get an invoice.

Any more questions? Just ask we are here to help.